Baseball Cards!

I learned very early on how important it is to have a memorable promo card. Before the internet, the card you handed someone was the only piece of your work they took home with them.

I made all kinds of promo pieces from business card size, to post cards and everything in between. The goal was to hand someone multiple examples of my work without making the cards too big, or the photos too small. And most importantly, pieces that people want to hold onto!

Then it hit me. BASEBALL CARDS! I'd collected thousands as a kid and cherished every one of them. I love baseball cards so much that I was absolutely meticulous when designing my own. Every tiny detail had to be authentic. I even had them wrapped in cellophane with stick of bubble gum. I found a factory that could do it but the owner said because it was a small order they could set up the machine but I'd have to place the cards and gum onto the conveyor belt myself. So I did and it was awesome!

Here are all 73 designs that I've made over the years, starting with the most recent. The shiny green business card at the very end is the one I handed to Dave Grohl when we met in 1995. Thankfully he held onto it. Read about that in the 1995 gallery.

Click here to play a puzzle game based on the 2005 cards! Use arrow keys to move the pieces. Good luck!

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