Refused – February 25, 2020 at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto

Little did those in attendance know that this would be the last show we would go to for a long, long time.

It was an awesome night. Refused were on fire as always. I went with some of my closest pals and we had a blast!

It was great catching up with the band after the show. They told me about the upcoming summer festivals and some of the the lineups sounded unbelievable! My friend Serge who was also there convinced me to come out for the European shows with Refused, Billy Talent and System Of A Down. When I got home I started looking at flights.

Less than two weeks later I woke up to the news that Pearl Jam had cancelled their North American tour due to Covid. It was sobering to hear because until then it still felt far away. In this part of the world we hadn't yet been given any indications as to how quickly and heavily the virus would hit us.

Within days Major League Baseball, the NHL and NBA had all announced they were postponing seasons indefinitely. Even though the reality of a global pandemic was setting in, I don't think any of us were prepared for just how long it would last.

In the end, 541 days went by until I saw another show. Something I know ALL OF YOU can relate to.

Refused New Noise

One year after this concert, and still in full lockdown I edited this video so I could relive the night and hopefully make a few people smile in the process.

The audio isn't great and it got heavily distorted in the middle of the song because I stood next to a speaker... so I cut part of it out. Let's call this the “radio edit”.

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